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The ground works for your new garage are an important part of the structure. This page gives you an insight on what should be done for the preparation and completion of the base.

In most cases the base is too large to dig by hand, hence a local contractor will be required to do the groundwork for you.

You start by digging out the ground down to a depth of 10 inches, with any spoil either removed by skip off site, or dispersed somewhere else on site.

Secondly the land / mains drains will be put in place, and soak aways will be constructed. The soak away will be a deep pit, about 1m x 1m x 2m deep and filled with gravel, with the drainage piped into the top of it. This is mainly to take the rainwater from the guttering.

Once the drains are prepared, the hardcore is put in to a depth of 150mm and compacted down. Once compacted, the shuttering around the edge is put in place.

The concrete is to a depth of 100mm, and should be a c35 mix, or a mix with fibres. For example a 6m x 6m square base will need 6m x 6m x 0.1m = 3.6 square metres of concrete.

A tamped finish is sufficient, although a floated finish will be smoother.

Once the concrete has been laid for a couple of days the brick course can be fitted.

To give you an idea on timescale, day 1 would be to dig out and level the site, and maybe fit the drain pipes. Day 2 would be to do the soak away, and fit the hard core. Day 3 is lay concrete. Day 4 leave to set. Day 5 fit brick course. Please allow 2-3 days for the brickwork to set before the building is fitted.

For details on companies that have laid bases for Warwick Buildings - click here. - please note that we are not responsible for the work of the contractors.