The standard roofing option for Warwick Buildings Garages is OSB (Sterling Board) with a highly durable heavy duty (38kg) Green Mineral Felt covering, considerably stronger than the shed felt found at DIY stores. Some customers may wish to upgrade the roof covering from the standard option to achieve a closer blend with existing buildings or to achieve a longer predicted life expectancy. We are pleased to be able to offer the following options:

Coloured Polyester Felt - this product has a rubberised texture providing extra pliability and is approximately three times thicker than standard green mineral felt. Available in two colours (Brown & Grey) please note that this material is only available on buildings up to 7m in length

Black Onduline Roofing - made from compressed felt & bitumen, Onduline has a corrugated profile and is available in a selection of colours including Black, Green & Red. Clear Roof Sheets are also available offering the opportunity for additional natural light inside the building.

Felt Tile Roof – we are able to offer superior quality Felt Tile Roofs in a choice of two colours – Slate Grey/Red Brown. Four individual tiles are joined together and then staggered to provide a ‘tiled effect’ roof. In addition to the tiles, an underlay of felt is laid over the boarding beforehand to provide a secondary skin. Angled tin and additional felt strips are fitted to the gables to prevent water ingress

Recycled Plastic Tiles (NRC) - a cost effective alternative to a ‘long span’ tiled roof, which provides greater definition than that given by felt or felt tiles.  NRC Tiles are light enough to fit directly onto our buildings without the need for additional trusses, or an increased pitch.  Available in three colours -Red / Grey / Green).

Metal Clad Profile Roofing - Colour Coated strong, lightweight and durable with a choice of colours and available in custom made lengths ideal for low or mono pitched roofs with reduced overlapping

Useful information - roofing materials traditionally used on timber buildings have varying life spans. It is important to remember that all such roofs (unless clay, slate or other such ‘permanent’ materials which have been laid onto strengthened roof trusses) are termed to be ‘short or medium span’.  For example Onduline roof material (if fitted) has a Manufacturers Guarantee of 15 years*.  A Boarding & Green Felt Roof has a life expectancy of 5–7 years, Polyester Felt and Felt Tiles - 10-15 years. Rollaclad roofing comes with an estimated 30 year life span. These figures are approximations as various local/environmental factors will influence to a lesser or greater extent the actual lifespan achieved and all roofs should be checked and recieve regular general maintenance.

*Subject to Manufacturers Terms & Conditions

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